The globalization of the trap

Corruption is also combated with prevention, sanctions and penalties. Something is wrong when in the family, at school or among friends, no one corrects and no one gives guidance, or when principles of life are not transmitted through good example.

April 18, 2017-Reading time: 2 minutes

Corruption has no limits or conditions, nor ideologies. This is demonstrated by the millionaire bribes, kickbacks and double payments made by the Brazilian transnational Odebrecht, in exchange for winning large public works contracts in a dozen Latin American countries.

An unprecedented case that evidences the globalization of cheating, in which politicians and governments of various tendencies, as well as businessmen, bankers and advertisers, participate. While the investigations are progressing, the indignation of citizens is also growing, demanding drastic laws to stop and punish the corrupt: nothing stops them, because for them "The law is made the law, the trap is made.

The condemnation and claim against corruption in governments should be extended to the private sector which, as in the Odebrecht case, shows the relationship between public needs and the offerings of the private sector. A relationship in which large-scale networks are discovered, and that in the end must focus on individual deterioration, on the lack of values and respect of the people who lead and decide.

As in the case of drugs, corruption is also fought with prevention, punishment and penalization. Two similar evils that essentially compromise the human formation, character and social conscience of each person. Just as flirting with drugs can begin with marijuana, flirting with corruption begins with cheating at school, lies at home, duplicity with friends and cynicism in gambling.

It is understandable that something is wrong when in the family, school or friends' environment nobody corrects, nobody guides or simply observes the liar and advantageous as a clever child or youngster, or even smart for the challenges of this changing world. Something must be wrong when life principles are not transmitted by the good example of parents, teachers and adults.

Perhaps for all these reasons, Pope Francis defines corruption as "an evil greater than sin" and as "a process of death", something unworthy that bends the will to the "god money, god welfare and god exploitation". A world of darkness from which, according to Francis, the only way out is through sincere and transparent service to others.

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