False dialectics

September 30, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

We live in a cultural context plagued by contradictions. Postmodernity has fragmented the unity of meaning that human beings have tried to give to the world.

Today, dialectical movements coexist "peacefully", such as environmentalism, scientism and various social engineering proposals, based on doctrines such as gender or the rights of capitalist individualism.

Ecologism or environmentalism seeks to promote respect for the cycles of nature, eliminate polluting elements resulting from free human action and preserve biodiversity. On the other hand, positivist scientism affirms that only that which is empirically verifiable is true.

However, the developments of the gender doctrine are based on assertions about sexual differences that overturn the most elementary evidence from empirical sciences such as genetics, biology, anatomy, among others.

Many of the current movements of capitalist social engineering justify in the rights of the individual practices of death, such as abortion and euthanasia. And they create new sources of business through the commercialization of human life, such as artificial fertilization clinics; or through the instrumentalization of women in the -legal or illegal- practice of surrogacy. Is this not altering -and radically- the cycles of nature, which always acts to preserve life and the continuity of the species?

As Francis states in Laudato sieverything is connected". The ecological crisis is not a technical problem, but a manifestation of the profound ethical, cultural and spiritual crisis of postmodernity. We cannot pretend to heal our relationship with the environment without healing all basic human relationships.

We must be able to identify the great contradictions of our time: the defense of nature requires full respect for the cycles of life and death. 

Christians, faithful to the treasure of truth we have received, are especially called to carry out a pending task: the development of a new synthesis that overcomes the false dialectics of contemporary culture.

The authorMontserrat Gas Aixendri

Professor at the Faculty of Law of the International University of Catalonia and director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies. She directs the Chair on Intergenerational Solidarity in the Family (IsFamily Santander Chair) and the Childcare and Family Policies Chair of the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation. She is also Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law at UIC Barcelona.

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