Omnes: the continuity and future of Palabra magazine, in the company of readers

December 3, 2020-Reading time: 2 minutes

In the November print issue we reported on the projects for the digital expansion of Palabra magazine and its change of publishing entity. We continue our communication with readers about our projects, to present to them something so significant as a name change in the headerfrom the next issue (January 2021), you will receive this magazine under the name of Omnes.

This change is an inevitable consequence of the previous one - the change of publishing entity - and is explained in relation to the next one - the great project of a new web portal, complementary to the printed magazine - of which we will give all the details in the next January issue.

The "Palabra" masthead has identified us since September 1965, creating a rich tradition and a guarantee of reliability, which it now inherits. Omnes. The purpose is to give them continuity and timeliness, while avoiding any possible confusion with Ediciones Palabra S.A. publications.

Omnes it will be the same Palabra magazine as always, more up to date and in a better position to achieve greater efficiency.. It will adapt to the current modes of communication and to the habits that have already become the majority, in which printed paper and digital resources coexist. This is an objective shared and supported by all those who participate or have participated in the life of the magazine. In this issue, the creator and first director of Palabra, Pedro Rodriguezas well as his successor for many years, José Miguel Pero-Sanz, and the current director, Alfonso Riobówho remains at the helm of the publication. The president of Ediciones Palabra and the president of the board of trustees of the CARF Foundation also did so in the November issue. And we have no doubt that readers are also delighted.

For readers and friends, nothing substantial changes. They will continue to receive the same magazine in the same way, with the same contents and in accordance with the same editorial line.l. Varies the new header, Omnesthat much. Of course, if Omnes means "all", among them the first ones are you. In your company we continue our journey.

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