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"I kept all those things in my heart." Holy Family Sunday

Andrea Mardegan comments on the readings for Holy Family Sunday and Luis Herrera offers a brief video homily. 

Andrea Mardegan-December 23, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes
readings holy family sunday

After two days of vain attempts, we returned with Joseph to the temple determined to go where the women could not enter. We asked the angels of the Lord to protect us. We found our way: I knew the temple well, the back streets and the deserted streets. I covered my face a little and they paid no attention to me. We arrived at a hall where the teachers used to meet to discuss the Scriptures. We heard his unmistakable voice. We looked at the scene in amazement: he was sitting as the teacher of teachers, and all around him. Different feelings mingled in Joseph's heart and in mine.

Joy and gratitude to God for finding him safe and sound, and then amazement: shouldn't he have waited until he was an adult? There he was revealing himself as the teacher of the wise men of Israel, and he was only twelve years old. Joseph and I realized that Jesus knew much better than we did the things we had taught him. Why had he not told us anything, and made us suffer so much? Jesus "listened to them and asked them questions" and the teachers "they were amazed by his intelligence and his answers.".

We had the secret joy that other people, and with authority, had known and admired a little the ineffable mystery of our son. But Joseph became afraid: now they praise him, but what then? Herod consulted priests and scribes to know where the Messiah was going to be born and deceived the magi to kill Jesus. And he killed the children of Bethlehem... Maybe some of them can remember and make a calculation of the years that have passed... He said in my ear: "Let's leave as soon as possible. Let's blend in with the crowd.

I listened to him, recovered my strength and took a step forward without worrying about the temple doctors, proud to be the mother of this prodigy. I thought: you listen to him so attentively, but now he listens to me. "Son, why have you done this to us? See that your father and I, in anguish, were looking for you.". I named Joseph before me, the father of the family, who had supported and guided me during those three days. Jesus knew that we were very close and that is why he responded to both of us: "¿Why did you seek me, did you not know that I must be about my Father's business?"

We did not understand his answer. We thought: aren't the things of your Father also in Nazareth and in Joseph's work? But we remained silent. We understood that he was too far above us. Besides, mixed with his divine origin, there was also something of human adolescence. Better to wait. We will talk to him again at a propitious moment. Later. At home. And it worked. He came back to us. He was docile and lovingly available. "And he grew in wisdom, and in age, and in grace." I "kept all these things" in my heart.

The homily on the readings for Holy Family Sunday

The priest Luis Herrera Campo offers its nanomiliaa small one-minute reflection for these readings.

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