"We must present our faith in a dialogue that does not impoverish it."

The Episcopal Delegates and Directors of the Secretariats of Interconfessional Relations met telematically on February 22 and 23 to analyze the reality of religious pluralism in Spain.

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Meeting for Peace October 2020

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You are at XXX Conferenceorganized by the Subcommission for Interfaith Relations, were held against the backdrop of the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Common Coexistence, signed by Pope Francis and Imam Al-Tayyen in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019, as well as the Pope's latest encyclical, Fratelli tutti.

Dialogue without diluting faith

With this premise, the delegates have shown their concern to respond to the reality of religious pluralism that exists in our country and that must lead us to present our faith in a dialogue open to the "other", which, far from impoverishing or diluting the Catholic identity, enriches it.

Among the speakers at this conference were Prof. Diego Sarrio, Rector of the Pontifical Institute for Arab and Islamic Studiess (PISAI) in Rome, Prof. D. Gonzalo Villagrán, Rector of the University of Rome. Faculty of Theology of Granada and His Beatitude Msgr. Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

In addition, the challenge of jihadist terrorism was addressed by experts Mr. David Garriga and Mr. Said El-Gazhi, members of CISEG (Intelligence and Global Security Community). Likewise, Prof. Francisco Diez de Velasco offered a map of the Buddhist presence in Spain.

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