Love, affectivity and feelings: themes of the II Virtual Congress for Catholic Educators

The Congress, organized by the Instituto Desarrollo y Persona of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, will be held from September 23 to October 3 in online mode and will be attended by María Lacalle, Bishop José Ignacio Munilla Aguirre and the collaborator of Omnes, Carlos Chiclanaamong other speakers.

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The education of the heart: love-me to love you' is the title of the II Virtual Congress for Catholic Educators organized by the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, through the Instituto Desarrollo y Persona.

This Congress, focused on affective education, already has more than 20,000 registered participants to date, who, during one week, will be able to delve into the beauty of human love and sexuality from sciences such as theology, sociology, philosophy or medicine.

Javier Martinez, Archbishop of Granada, and from that day until October 3, those registered will be able to enjoy the contents throughout the week, without timetables in order to facilitate access and broaden the scope of this Congress.

The speakers

This II Congress focused on the education of the heart has a wide range of speakers who address the education of affectivity from different points of view.

Msgr. José Ignacio Munilla AguirreBishop of San Sebastian 

Amar-me & Amar-te 

Alfonso López Quintás, School of Thought and Creativity (Madrid) 

Title pending confirmation 

Ángel Barahona PlazaFrancisco de Vitoria University (Madrid) 

The strange condition for loving one's neighbor 

Angel Camino LamelasEpiscopal Vicar, Vicarage VIII (Archdiocese of Madrid) 

Love me so I can love you 

Carlos Chiclana ActisDr. Carlos Chiclana's office (Madrid, Seville) 

Addicted brains, yearning hearts 

Carmela Baeza Pérez-Fontán, Raíces Family Care Center (Madrid) 

Neuroscience and epigenetics: in the image and likeness of Love 

Carmen Álvarez AlonsoSan Dámaso Ecclesiastical University (Madrid, Spain) 

Why love? 

Carolina Sanchez AgostiniUniversidad Austral (Argentina) 

Sex education between tensions and opportunities: how to accompany adolescents? 

Diego Blanco Albarovawriter, screenwriter and TV producer 

I love you. Me neither. 

Elena Arderius SanchezCentro de Acompañamiento Integral a la Familia de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid, Spain). 

Mindless teens: why suicide is an option 

Enrique Burguete MiguelUniversidad Católica San Vicente Mártir (Valencia, Spain) 

Love me to love you? 

Enrique Rojas Montesprofessor of Psychiatry 

Five tips to be happy 

Fernando Vidal FernándezUniversidad Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid, Spain) 

Four men who revolutionized fatherhood 

Francisco Javier Insa GómezPontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome) 

A psychologically healthy celibacy 

Franco Nembriniprofessor and writer 

To educate is to introduce reality 

Higinio Marín Pedreño, CEU Cardenal Herrera University (Valencia) 

The narrative structure of identity 

Jaime Rodríguez DíazPontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (Rome) 

Intimacy: how to discover and educate it 

Jokin de Irala EstévezUniversity of Navarra (Pamplona) 

You are not his better half: you are an apple and an orange. 

María Lacalle NoriegaFrancisco de Vitoria University (Madrid) 

Gender and legislation, an integrative proposal 

María Pilar Lacorte TierzInternational University of Catalonia (Barcelona) 

Links, parent "influencers 

María Pilar Ruiz MartínezBEITU! Association Recognize your Fertility (Vizcaya) 

The Natural Methods to love-me and love-you 

María Zabala Pinojournalist and head of iWomanish 

The heart the Internet needs 

Mariolina Ceriotti Migliaresephysician and writer 

Erotic and maternal: the complexity of the feminine 

Mónica Campos AlonsoInstituto Desarrollo y Persona, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid, Spain). 

Assertiveness and self-esteem: which comes first? 

Larragán Cendra DoveVillanueva University (Madrid) 

Changing the look, changing the marriage: the secret to rediscovering love 

Pedro García CasasEpiscopal Delegate for University Pastoral Care (Diocese of Cartagena-Murcia) 

Love is a person's name 

Pilar Nogués GuillénInstituto Desarrollo y Persona, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid, Spain). 

Capaces de amar: affective-sexual education in intellectual disability. 

Pilar VigilTeen STAR International 

Are we free to choose to love and be loved? 

Ruth de Jesús GómezFrancisco de Vitoria University (Madrid) 

Affectivity and identity, reciprocal dependence 

Vicente Soriano VázquezInternational University of La Rioja 

Sexually transmitted infections 

Xosé Manuel Domínguez Prieto, Instituto da Familia (Orense) 

Philautía: the necessary love of self

The Instituto Desarrollo y Persona

The mission of the Instituto Desarrollo y Persona of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria is to train train trainers to discover and transmit the beauty of love and human sexuality. At present, two projects are part of the Institute: Aprendamos a Amar and the Centro de Acompañamiento Integral a la Familia.

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