Fabrizio Caciano "Every week we come back with more than we left with."

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Fabrizio Caciano is the founder of Emergency Doors, that accompanies families, patients, doctors, nurses and hospital workers in Lima during the nights.

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"The important reason for continuing in social support work is my commitment as a father to Valentino, my 7-year-old son."Fabrizio Caciano points out. He is one of the founders of Emergency Doorsa non-profit organization that seeks to support and accompany the families of the sick in hospitals in Lima, Peru. "Although we also share with janitorial and security workers, nurses, social workers.".

A conversion story

Fabrizio Caciano was born in Lima. During his childhood and adolescence he grew up in a practicing Catholic family and studied at a Marianist school. But at the age of 20, his life took a turn: "Following the death of my mother and my best friend within a short period of time, I entered a crisis of faith that lasted more than 20 years.".

She studied Marketing and Business Administration. Since he was young, his life has been linked to solidarity and social awareness work. "I was a street educator and administrator of an NGO that developed a program to rehabilitate children who used drugs." explains our protagonist; "in this way I got to know a part of reality quite different from what I was used to". For 14 years he traveled the streets of Lima, but this activity also allowed him to visit other countries. "These experiences allowed me to travel several times to Europe as an exhibitor and I participated in several international congresses on the subject of street life.".

A more personal encounter with God took place in 2013. "In November 2013 I participated in an Emmaus retreat at Mary Queen Parish. Here I understood two things: that God existed and that he had always been by my side." thus explaining what his conversion consisted of. "Since that date, my outlook on life has revolved around being a good father, brother and citizen."and actively participates in the Emmaus community. "From then on I have helped to promote these retreats and communities in 5 other parishes in Lima. My life revolves around serving other people through the teachings of my religion.".

Emergency doors

¿Y Emergency Doors? He explains: "The origin of Emergency Doors comes from a personal anecdote. I spent one night in the waiting room of the intensive care unit of a hospital outside Lima. I was accompanying my father who had been run over. During the day it was very hot, but at night the temperature dropped a lot and I didn't know it. I was wearing very light clothes for the night. A lady who was next to me, with her 3 children, lent me a blanket and another man lent me a blanket.  a piece of cardboard for me to lay on the floor.". This experience of solidarity in the midst of pain left a very deep impression on him, and planted in him a sensitivity towards a reality that is almost invisible to the rest.

On that basis, when 2016, the year of mercy, arrived, Fabrizio wanted to do something with two companions from Emmaus, so without giving it much thought, one day, after the meetings, they decided to make 60 sandwiches, bought refreshments and went to the Maria Auxiliadora hospital, south of Lima.  "That was the first time, and since then we have gone out every Wednesday night. Sometimes we come back at midnight, but we have never stopped going out.". At present, "is a Catholic action platform that serves the families of patients treated in hospitals in Lima"..

Sharing bread

"The premise of the team is simple: sharing. From the point of view of our faith, sharing bread is the most meaningful thing there can be." Fabrizio emphasizes when we asked him about the objective of Emergency Doors. They want to evangelize, but "we don't go directly to talk about God with people, we show it to them".

The time elapsed, although still short, allows him an assessment of the experience. "I have learned many things in these two years. Above all, the value of belonging to a community made up of people called together by the love of Jesus. I have learned the value and power of prayer. I have seen people with terminally ill family members continue in faith until the end. People have approached me to ask for prayer for their daughter, their mother, aunt... every week we come back having received with more than we went out.  

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