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Ida is a radiant, bright and precocious girl who arrives new at the colorful school at Winterstein Castle. There she finds an unwelcoming atmosphere, except for Benni, a peculiar and shy student who is not very popular.

Patricio Sánchez-Jáuregui-September 12, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

The school of magical animals

DirectorGregor Schnitzler
HistoryJohn Chambers, Arne Nolting, Viola Schmidt, Oliver Schütte

Ida is a radiant, bright and precocious girl, who arrives new to the colorful school at Winterstein Castle. There she finds an unwelcoming atmosphere, except for Benni, a peculiar and shy student who is not very popular and takes refuge in his fantasies of pirate adventures. At first, Ida will be attracted to Jo, the school rebel. This relationship will push Benni aside.

The class she is a part of is in for a surprise with the arrival of teacher Cornfield, a quirky teacher who will win the children over with her charm, introducing her brother, the also enigmatic Mortimer Morrison, owner of a "magical pet store". The students will become a "magical community" when they enthusiastically and excitedly welcome two talking animals, a turtle and a fox, who will choose to be Ida and Benni's pets. At the same time, other disturbing events will start to happen: disappearance of things, graffiti and various vandalisms, etc. Ida, Benni and their pets will have to join forces to discover the mischievous vandal and thief.

This imaginative semi-musical proposal in the purest style of the children's novels of The Fivecreates a juvenile detective adventure with all sorts of charms and without many pretensions. A colorful and colorful world with a moral, where the values of friendship, acceptance and honor are highlighted. A fable of real image and animated animals where the voices of these and their unconditional friendship serve to instill important messages to children, strengthen their self-confidence and help them find their role. All without losing sight of the idea of making them laugh and dream.

Eminently familiar, fantastic and adventurous. The film is based on the saga best seller international (7 million copies sold and translated into 25 languages) of German children's books by Margit Auer (writer) and Nina Dulleck (illustrator), which began its run in 2013. A correct, hour-and-a-half-long film, it hits the screens on September 9, with its sequel about to be released in the country of origin, where the first one was a hit with more than one million viewers.

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