Tribute to Abilio de Gregorio, teacher of teachers

Abilio de Gregorio is considered a "teacher of teachers", a reference for those who teach and love education.

Javier Segura-February 16, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes

Juan Antonio Gómez Trinidad, former vice-president of the State School Board, told me about the urgent need to train new generations of teachers. Nearly thirty percent of the teaching staff will retire in the next few years and a huge number of teachers will be needed to fill this gap. This is a challenge for Christian education, and I do not know to what extent we are aware of it.

Abilio de Gregorio, who left us this past November, was. And he devoted his best energies precisely to being a true teacher of teachers. And that is why he became a reference for many of us who today teach and love education.

Abilio de Gregorio

Abilio de Gregorio has a degree in Educational Sciences and a diploma in Family Guidance. He had a deep and first-hand knowledge of the world of education, as he was a professor of Secondary Education in Salamanca, and even more directly, as the father of three children. He wrote numerous books on pedagogical topics, such as the monographs Familia y Educación (1987), La participación de los padres en los centros educativos (1990), Educación familiar y valores de sentido (1992), Educación y valores (1995), El proyecto educativo de centro en la escuela católica (2003) and Atreverse a ejercer de padres (2006), as well as other collaborative works. But perhaps the best way many of us have come to know him is through his conferences in various national and international congresses (Moscow, Rome, Lisbon, Mexico, Buenos Aires).

The tribute

Abilio de Greorio Tribute

His loss is actually a call to rediscover his teachings and to deepen our understanding of what it means to 'educate', precisely in times when legislative changes can make us get lost in the circumstantial and not delve into the essential.

It is therefore worthwhile to return to the teachings of this great master of Catholic education today and to do so in the company of those who knew him and appreciate his contribution. The occasion will be a broadcast on streaming youtube that will take place on March 6, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

This approach places the person at the center and opts for a personalized and customized education.

A session in which we will be able to meet with the central aspects of his teaching. This Abilio, who is above all a teacher of life, who has a deep look at our time and education. That look that puts the person at the center and opts for a personalized and personalizing education. And who is aware of the transcendence of Christian living, the baptismal dignity and the greatness of the lay vocation.

It is not surprising that in the heat of this teaching, gathering Abilio's passion and the urgent mission pointed out by Juan Antonio Gómez Trinidad, the 'Abilio de Gregorio' school has been established. Its purpose is, precisely, to train young teachers, in their university stage and in their first years of teaching. And to offer them solid references to become true teachers. Teachers of life, as was Abilio de Gregorio himself.

To all those who love education, I invite you not to miss it to this appointment on March 6 and to closely follow this school, which, we hope, will be the seed of a renewal in education.

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