Law professionals denounce LOMLOE before the European Parliament

The National Legal Commission for the Freedom of Education has filed a Petition requesting the protection of the EU institutions against the attacks on the freedom of education resulting from the recently approved Organic Law for the Improvement of the LOE (Ley Orgánica de Mejora de la LOE).

Maria José Atienza-February 9, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes

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In its letter to the European Parliament, registered by the European Parliament on January 28th, the National Legal Commission for the Freedom of Education The company denounced, among others, the violation of Articles 14 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and 27 of the Spanish Constitution, which protect the freedom of education and teaching.

The Commission has highlighted six basic aspects of this new regulation that violate EU or national legislation:

  • Infringement of educational and religious freedomThe lack of a link to the subject of Religion among the subjects to be taught, which may lead to its direct suppression, or to its undervaluation, as it loses the requirement of comparability and evaluation of the subject.
  • The inclusion of ideological subjects that could violate the beliefs of parents and students, distancing themselves from common values and outside of those that are found in the Spanish Constitution and community texts.
  • The open discrimination against charter schoolsby changing the concept of the right to education to the 'right to public education'. Furthermore, it turns the subsidized education system into a subsidiary educational system and, by eliminating the concept of social demand, aims at its gradual asphyxiation, infringing on the freedom to create educational centers and educational freedom.
  • The pursuit of the differentiated education model, violating the ideology of the centers and the freedom to choose the pedagogical or educational model that parents consider most appropriate for the development of their children's personalities in freedom.
  • The progressive disappearance of special education against the criteria of a large majority of parents.
  • The lack of protection of Spanish or Spanish in the classroomThe use of the official language of the State is left to the whim of arbitrary administrative or political decisions, ignoring the duty of all Spaniards to know it and their right to use it.

The aim of the letter presented by this Legal Committee is to achieve a political response from the European Parliament in order to open avenues of intervention so that the Community institutions can legally protect the essential rights of so many families that have been violated.

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