The Woke-Ideology: How can we cancel today?

In June 2020, in the midst of the Pandemic, even without any impact, a half-dozen activists will try to reach the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and will return to the Bronze Day of the Spanish Franciscan monarch Junípero Serra, Evangelisierer of Kalifornien. A symbol for the "woke"-Ideology or the culture of the annulment, which seems to appear in different areas.

Rafael Miner-March 10, 2022-Reading time: 7 minutes
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Translation: Antonia Pacher-Theinburg. You can read the Originaltext hier lesen.

The statue of Bruder Junipero was only a symbol of this "Woke" movement, which I would like to mention all other things as cultural. A few weeks ago, Bruder Antonio Arévalo Sánchez OFM, (with a focus on the history of modern times), wrote in the Omnes magazine, how Bruder Junipero (1713-1784), under the slogan "Immer vorwärts, nie zurück" (Always ahead, never back), used his intelligence and energy to transmit human dignity to the people of Querétaro and Kalifornien. This was achieved through the teachings of the Gospel, the civilization crisis and a life of peace, courage, strength and enormous suffering that his body was forcing on him.

Er erinnerte auch daran, dass Bruder Junípero Serra der einzige Spanier ist, dessen Statue im Kapitol in Washington steht, und dass es Papst Franziskus war, der den berühmten spanischen Ordensbruder am 23. September 2015 heiliggesprochen hat.

Among other articles, Javier Segura, in his article "Woke Culture in the Classroom" ("Die Woke-Ideologie im Hörsaal"), is referring to Bruder Junípero. "Wir alle erinnern uns an die Zerstörung von Statuen berühmter Persönlichkeiten unserer Geschichte, wie Bruder Junípero Serra oder Christopher Kolumbus. We are the champions of the social movements that some social movements want to promote, ultimately in conjunction with the struggle for social justice for certain groups".

Und Javier Segura fügte hinzu: "Diesem Druckmittel haben sich auch a other Gruppen angeschlossen (LGTBI, radikaler Feminismus, ökologischer Pantheismus, Tierrechte usw.), die ihre Vision der Realität fördern und letztlich durchsetzen wollen. The expert then turns to one of the few, but very important moments in the life of Papst Franziskus on this "woke"-Ideology.

Warnung vor dem Einheitsdenken

This is what is happening in the open discussion with those who, a month ago, on 10 January, were the first to announce their intention to take part in the summit. The senior father said: "The main focus of the interests (of many international organizations) has often shifted to issues that are of course uncontrollable from nature and do not coincide with the purpose of the organization. This leads to agencies that will be identified with the principles of humanity and the cultural differences that will help to shape the identity of many people".

Der Papst verwies auf das "Einheitsdenken", das zu einer Kultur der Annullierung führt. "Wie ich bereits bei anderen Gelegenheiten gesagt habe, halte ich dies für eine Form der ideologischen Kolonisierung, die keinen Raum für freie Meinungsäußerung lässt lässt und die heute immer mehr die Form dieser 'Kultur der Annullierung' annimmt, die viele öffentliche Bereiche und Institutionen durchdringt. In the name of the protection of diversity, the purpose of every form of identity will be to protect it, with the risk that the voices will be heard in order to show a respectful and balanced presentation of the various aspects".

According to the view of the Pope, "it develops a dangerous attitude, which leads to the history to be challenged or, even worse, to be interpreted on the basis of zeitgenous criteria. Jede geschichtliche Situation sollte jedoch nach der Hermeneutik der jeweiligen Zeit und nicht nach der Hermeneutik von heute werden interpretiert werden".

Shortly after the broadcast of the film "Vom Winde verweht" from the HBO Max streaming service program in 2020, which was decided by a member of the Los Angeles Times to promote the screening of the film.

Or, in order to name just one more example, a young Professor of Classical Philology in Princeton (USA), Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who is taking a stand against the study of Greek and Latin authors, weil es den Rassismus bestärke, como der französische Philosoph Rémi Brague bei der Eröffnung des Kongresses der Katholiken und des öffentlichen Lebens an der CEU sagte.

Geschichte der Erlösung

This "Woke" or "Woke"-Ideology was developed by various personalities within the framework of the presently held congresses and has been repeatedly revised. With them and some other authors, I would like to present three aspects of this ideology which can be adapted and which can be expected by all people in the world today.

"Wie auch immer wir diese Bewegungen nennen - "soziale Gerechtigkeit", "Woke Culture", "Identitätspolitik", "Intersektionalität", "Nachfolgeideologie" - sie behaupten, das zu bieten, was die Religion bietet. In addition, these new ideas, their own 'Heilsgesgeschichte'," warned Erzbischof Jose Gomez, Erzbischof of Los Angeles and President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, during a video conference.

This is the first, central aspect: "The Church and all Catholics must now more understand the Christian story, and they must understand it in their own true joy and truth, because today there is a different story in the making. An antagonistic, antagonistic interpretation of the 'solution' that we have found in the media and institutions comes from the new demands for social justice," he concluded.

The history of the "Woke" movement, as the Los Angeles CEO, goes something like this: "We cannot know where we are coming from, but we are aware that we have a common interest in those who have a stake in our business or our position in the company. The basis of our unhappiness is the fact that we are the owners of other corporate groups. Freedom and freedom of expression are achieved through the ongoing struggle against our shareholders. A struggle for political and cultural power, in the name of the creation of an open society structure".

An outlook that warns, as the expert warns, as an antagonism of the class struggle, as "a cultural-Marxist vision". Just as gender ideology confronts men and women in many ways, in a different antagonism that is present in our current times.

Christliche Überzeugungen

Monsignor José Gómez is also dealing with a second problem, which the Pope has brought to the attention of the diplomats in his speech. It is about the beauty of the faith and the sakramente, about the meaning of faith and family, or about the postulation of the postulates with Christian symbols, which some of them want to express themselves.

"In your program for this Congress, you will focus on the "culture of annulling" and on the "political Korrektheit". And we are confident that it is often perspektiven, which in the Christian teachings about life, the human person, about the soul, family and much more, which should be taken up and corrected", the US-Prälat concluded.

"In your and my society "the 'Raum' is bursting, where the Church and the Christian faithful can come together. Christian institutions and businesses in the Christian world are increasingly being called upon and schikaniert. The same applies to Christians who work in education and health care, in government and in other sectors.

Boykott, Stigmatisierung

Wie eingangs erwähnt, gab es Momente, in denen Papst Franziskus in seinen Ausführungen vor den Diplomaten auf diese Themen Bezug nahm. Zum Beispiel, als er auf "Agenden anspielte, die zunehmend von einer Denkweise diktiert werden, die die die natürlichen Grundlagen der Menschheit und die kulturellen Wurzeln, die die die Identität vieler Völker ausmachen, leugnet". Or if he clearly states that "we can never forget that there are some of the best values. It is not always easy to recognize them, but to accept that they have a social ethic of security and stability. Even if we have recognized and accepted them through dialogue and consensus-building, we are convinced that these fundamental principles apply to all consensuses. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich das Recht auf Leben, von der Empfängnis bis zu seinem natürlichen Ende, und das Recht auf Religionsfreiheit", fügte er hinzu.

Here we can look at some of the stories of boycott and abuse in the United States. Wenn Jeff Bezos und seine Frau beispielsweise 2,5 Millionen für eine Kampagne zur Legalisierung der Homo-Ehe in Bundesstaat Washington spendeten, "war das ein Zeichen ihrer fortschrittlichen Liberalität, und niemand würde das bestreiten".

But as Dan Canthy, the manager of the Chick.In an interview, Canthy explained that "the business has traditionally supported the family and has also relied on organizations that are against the general law, they are challenging homosexual activist groups to boycott their restaurants, and the citizens of large cities quickly realize that women in their communities do not want to be included". Ignacio Aréchaga reports in his article "Die Kultur des Boykotts" ("The culture of boycotts", Aceprensa) and comments: "It is reasonable that in a country, in which the Geldverdienen never existed, the freedom to spend money on a human dignity is being spent in question".


A few weeks ago, everyone was invited to open two interviews, which were not published on the basis of the Echoes, not without effect. Eines davon war das Interview mit dem Mittelalterprofessor Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez de la Peña (CEU), in dem er unmissverständlich darauf hinwies, dass "die Woke-Bewegung und die Kultur der Annullierung nur zu einer zensierenden, inquisitorischen Bewegung ausarten könne, die Meinungsfreiheit untersagt und jegliches Mitgefühl leugnet".

In this context, the Catholic Association of Propagandists and Propagandists (ACdP) has called for the cancellation of the campaign in the middle of recent months. The goal is to "give normal people a feeling that they have been made aware of the fact that they have said things in the future, and thus make this world a better place to live in," they say. Momentan ist auf ihrer Website der Arzt Jesús Poveda zu sehen, "einer der wichtigsten Unterstützer der Pro-Life-Bewegung in Spanien, der mehr als 20 Mal wegen seiner Sitzstreiks und Rettungsaktionen verhaftet wurde wurdet".

The other interview was with Professor José María Torralba (University of Navarra), who presented the Master's degree in Christentum and contemporary culture, which has just been introduced to the academic center. José María Torralba, Director of the Grundstudiums, is playing on the growing crisis in the world of scientific knowledge, but is convinced that "there is a basis for hope". The master student should also be "a platform, a forum, to participate in the cultural and intellectual debates that are currently taking place in our country, and an opportunity to be present in Madrid. We want to create a forum for dialogue and understanding for all those who want to come".

In addition, there are many more universities and media centers about which we will continue to report, as everyone has done so far.

No Feindseligkeit

The third and final question we are asking is that of the future of this campaign against the "Woke"-Ideology and other ideologies. 

I would personally like to share some of the words that I heard from Archbishop Mario Iceta of Burgos in the previous statement, in which the Archbishop of Los Angeles also speaks. "In a time, in which the Network is a post-factual reality, with a worldview based on ideologies, in which the real reality of truth with knowledge or mine will be rejected, we need to look to Christus and the Gospel, because they are the basis for dialogue with all cultures and peoples," he emphasized.

Finally, he said: "What is our attitude? We Christians are not to be confronted with confrontation or faithlessness, but rather to be happy and joyful. A proposal, a proposal, an offer for the begetting and for the achievement. Our proposal is to show the best, it's the source. That is our path.

Pope Franziskus will remind us that the path of "dialogue and equality" is almost to the point of extinction. This is complicated by the fact that the others will be treated as people who will have to fight in the same way. We need a climate of respect and tolerance.

In the dilemma, which sometimes arises between "protection or protection", Rémi Brague is too far from saying that "protection is a technical conclusion". Satanism can be relatively healthy and extremely efficient. The truth is everything that exists, that is difficult and must be changed. Dies sind die Worte, die Goethe seinem Mephistopheles in den Mund legt (Alles was entsteht, / Ist wert, daß es zugrunde geht)". Papist Franziskus wrote his words to the diplomats in the last month with the words: "We must not seem to be able to find the peace in our lives by reflecting on dialogue and friendship in the background. Peace is a "hidden" good, which is born out of the hearts of those who want and want to live, and which makes the whole world possible".

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